You are…

…dedicated to create a sustainable, just world? You would like to do more than just talk about it, but rather affect something in the world? You enjoy the creation of new frameworks?

We offer…

…learning opportunities for people who wish to affect social change. We guide and invigorate them to find their individual contribution, to realize innovative projects and to build up a new culture of solidarity. The intention. Action for change.

We invigorate people for change to a sustainable and happy society.
For this shift to a more sustainable society, we support people who have taken on responsibility for our future through their actions. We strengthen these ‘Pioneers of Change’ and enable them to develop concrete initiatives, organizations and sustainable businesses using their dreams and potential.

Our goals for ‘Pioneers of Change’

To invigorate individual Pioneers. We need young people who are courageously and professionally committed in their lives to create change. We give them the strengths and teaching for them to develop concrete projects, organizations and sustainable businesses.

Strengthening the change movement. Together we are powerful! Through the Pioneers of Change we support the current of change: we reinforce it, strengthen and steady it. This creates a lasting network which brings the (im)possibility of the future into the present. Year after year the number of initiatives grows – moving towards a sustainable and peaceful world.

Inspiration and positive images for the future. Real-world examples and lived experience provide us with courage for new ideas. Pioneers of Change is not an intellectual concept, but rather, lived examples of positive images for the future. Beyond “Yes we can” we live “Yes we do” and “Yes we are”: this offers inspiration, excitement and creativity for alternative paths as a society. This excitement is an important component for change and social metamorphosis.

Viral cultural affects. Far-reaching change comes from within, has external affects and is ‘contagious’! The participants incorporate the approaches, methods and cultural elements experienced over the course of the training into other organizations, projects, families, relationships and social contexts. This allows for a living culture of sustainable environments: Pioneers have a viral effect!

Multiplication of the training concept. Pioneers of Change are needed everywhere. We support the establishment and proliferation of similar projects with comparable intentions, adapted to local circumstances. This personal development for social transformation includes all ages, geographic regions and continental contexts.

The Process

The Pioneers of Change program is a challenging and transformative process. Over the course of not quite a year, we guide participants through eight seminar modules, supported by coaching, in the personal clarification and development of projects, organizations and sustainable businesses.

Educational Approach

This learning and development course was distinguished by the UNESCO commission as part of its ‘Decade of Education for Sustainable Development’.

Our approach stands out in its focus on ‘Learning by Doing’, integrated methodology, process-oriented guidance and ‘Peer-to-Peer Learning’ – and you are allowed to have fun!

Transformative Learning: Pioneers of Change is not a classical training program using lecture-style instruction. Practical application of content and inspiration are designed to help you develop your project and yourself further. Experimental learning, deep reflection, dialogue, working in groups and ‘Co-creation’ stand in the foreground.

Pioneers of Change is…

Action-Oriented: You will learn professional tools aimed directly at realizing your initiative, develop your financing model while receiving individual coaching from experts.

Integrated and expanding horizons: You will experience an inspirational and integrated program in settings connected to nature, learn about global trends and sustainable alternatives.

Collective strength: As a member of a group of like-minded people and strengthened by a network of supporters, you can develop your own potential.

Encouraging: The dialogues with experienced pioneers & inspiring visionaries help fuel your courage.

The Effect

The measurable effect

Since 2010, more than 100 people have participated in ‘Pioneers of Change’.

The impact evaluation carried out in April 2012 revealed the following:

  • 85% of the 46 alumni of the first two courses work at or in an endeavour for change.
  • 70% of the participants have successfully initiated new projects, organizations and businesses in the interest of sustainable development – in total 33 of 46.
  • Over 50% are bringing the ‘Pioneer-Spirit’ to existing organizations at home and abroad, often in leadership roles.
  • To date, the Pioneers’ activities have reached more than 36,000 people through direct contact.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs – ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Harold Thurman Whitman


Academic Partners

University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy in Vienna is known for its focus on education for sustainable development. It supports us in the quality assurance and accreditation of our program within the ECTS-system for students.

International Partnership for Transformative Learning

We bring international experience to Austria. This continually improves what we offer and reinforces our impact. Within the framework of a Grundtvig Learning Partnership, we maintain intensive exchange with related educational projects in Europe. Together with our partners we have developed a handbook titled: “Hosting Transformation – Best Practices on Facilitating Sustainable Innovation and Active Citizenship“.
The Youth Initiative Program offers 18-25 year olds from all over the world a one-year intensive program with international experts, creating thorough understanding for the developments in our world, developing one’s self and one’s own abilities and applying them to concrete projects.

Knowmads offers a one-year learning process for international ‘Young Creatives’ in which they collectively, together with inspiring personalities, gain experience and can develop a Social Business through meaningful, practical projects with companies.
Amsterdam/ The Netherlands

The Art Monastery Project is a community of international artists, applying monastic traditions and methods to self-development, creative processes and socially relevant actions.

Embercombe is an inspiring place in which people of all ages learn from and with nature to find inner clarity so as to develop visions and sustainable projects, particularly on the basis of their ‘Catalyst’ program.
Exeter / England

The Academy for Visionautics supports people from all over Europe in developing ambitious visions for their contribution to a more sustainable and healthy society, so as to then fulfill these professionally.
Berlin /Germany

SOL Hungary is a member of the international Society for Organizational Learning and works with various target-groups in Hungary, from academics to Roma living in poverty. Currently they are developing ‘Collegium Danubius -Young Leaders for a Sustainable Europe’.
Budapest / Hungary

Project Peace is a year-long course for young adults aged 18-25. It offers a realm of experience in which potential and a sustainable way of life can unfold. A participatory project for peace, ecology and cultural change.
Bavaria/ Germany

The Eschwege Institute develops rites of passage in line with the developmental psychology model of the Four Signs/Shields, along with Initiatic Process Facilitation and Council. Thus their work enables personal as well as societal transformation.
Thank you for the many ways in which you have inspired us, it is so good to know that you are here!
Eschwege/ Germany

The international network “Pioneers of Change”

“Pioneers of Change” is also the name of an existing international network of young actors working for change. The network has been active since 1999 and connects numerous ‘Communities of Practice’ in many parts of the world. Although this network’s activities have slowed down somewhat in recent years, we frequently meet inspiring young people on our travels, who identify themselves with “Pioneers of Change” and who are active in a similar ‘spirit’. >>